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artnet Newsletter March 2011
Asia Week Smiles on New York
Asia Week Smiles on New York As spring breaks in New York, art from Asia is the focus at galleries, auction houses and the Arts of Pacific Asia Art Fair—while our prayers are with the recovery from the earthquake in Japan. New York Asia Week, launched by the auction houses in the early 1990s, presumes that people who are interested in Tibetan sculpture might somehow also be interested in Malaysian batik and Chinese contemporary. Twenty years on, this fiction is stronger than ever... Read More
Ask an Art Critic by Jerry Saltz Ask an Art Critic by Jerry Saltz

Are you still against art fairs? What's the best show in New York City right now? And can a New Yorker go to Boston, especially during spring training... Read More
Facebook for L.A. Art Facebook for L.A. Art

Lyn Kienholz's lavishly illustrated, 516 page L.A. Rising, SoCal Artists Before 1980 is a Facebook of the early days of the Los Angeles art scene... Read More
Sotheby's Institute of Art
Tony Fitzpatrick's Star for My Black Irish Heart Tony Fitzpatrick's Star for
My Black Irish Heart

For Saint Patrick's Day, a few words on the notion that the Irish are a happy-go-lucky bunch with green outfits, fake brogues and a cheery disposition... Read More
Charlie Finch: Social Media Is Old Age Charlie Finch: Social Media Is Old Age

Do you express your thoughts in short sentences, like Twitter? Do you find yourself unable to concentrate, as with Gawker or HuffPo? Do you volunteer your opinion on any subject, as with blogs? Congratulations, you're... Read More
Luxury Culture
It's Because You're Dying It's Because You're Dying

An anecdote from Los Angeles art dealer Patrick Painter about the art market, and the late artist Felix Gonzalez–Torres, via an essay from A Hedonist's Guide to Art (Hg2), the new anthology edited by Laura K. Jones... Read More
High Voltage 2011 High Voltage 2011

Art makes you good looking and smart. Portraits of art dealers, plus one fair director and one artist, from the VoltaNY 2011 art fair in New York... Read More
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Robert Graham, Brooke Mask
Robert Graham
Brooke Mask
(Brooke Shields)
, 2003
Bronze with unique patinae
11 x 12 x 6 inches
Est: US $45,000-65,000
€ 31,647-45,713
Bidding ends March 25

Kiki Smith, Turtle
Kiki Smith
Turtle, 2000
Dimensional iris print and collage
16.5 x 15.5 x 1.25 inches
Est: US $4,000-5,000
€ 2,813-3,516
Bidding ends March 25

Giò Pomodoro, Sole Produttore
Giò Pomodoro
Sole Produttore, 1974
46.5 x 46.5 x 1.6 inches
Est: US $20,000-30,000
€ 14,065-21,098
Bidding ends March 25
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